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| Written by Jessica Faust

Attendee Registration Trends

The popularity of in-person events continues to rise across all event types. This time last year, in-person events accounted for 70% of M&IW’s programs; now, we’re at nearly 90%! It just goes to show that you simply can’t replace the value of face-to-face connections. As we continue to see excitement for in-person events in the post-pandemic world, certain trends have really taken off for attendee registration.

If you haven’t hosted or attended an event featuring one of these top attendee registration trends, chances are that you will soon. While none of these trends are necessarily new to the industry, they have all seen a rapid increase in popularity and importance.

Mobile Apps

While not being able to get together in person was difficult, virtual events brought a silver lining in that people became more comfortable with event technology, including digital event platforms and mobile apps. While digital platform usage has declined with the return of in-person events, mobile app usage has not.

Popular for networking and gamification, event apps are also increasingly being used in place of registration packets. In fact, apps have many benefits over the traditional registration packet: They’re user-friendly, can be personalized for each attendee (especially helpful when individual travel arrangements are included as part of the event), and can be updated as frequently as needed. They also cut down on the amount of paper being used, making them a more sustainable option as well. More on that later!

On-demand Badge Printing

On-demand badge printing is another trend that has really taken off since in-person events have been back. Like mobile apps, on demand badge printing isn’t new; people are just more comfortable using technology now.

There are many benefits of on-demand badge printing. There is a greater variety of badges to choose from, and you can even have different badges for different attendee types. It also makes the check-in process quick and efficient. You don’t have to search through hundreds of name badges that may or may not be in alphabetical order, and because attendees can confirm their information and correct any errors before printing, it saves time because there’s no reprinting required. It is also more sustainable because it saves paper—are you sensing the next big trend here?


Sustainability has been a huge focus post-pandemic in all areas of events, not just attendee registration. In addition to using mobile app and on-demand badge printing, here are other ways to make the attendee experience more sustainable:

  • Most event supply companies offer sustainable badges, which can even be used for on-demand printing. Options include recycled paper, recycled plastic, and badges with flower seeds. Simply plant the badge after the event and watch it bloom!
  • If using paper or plastic badges, consider adding a recycling station for your badges at the end of the meeting and actively encourage attendees to recycle them. It’s an easy addition that can have a great impact on the environment.
  • When selecting which badges, don’t forget to include a sustainable lanyard. Sustainable lanyards can come in cotton, recycled plastic, or even bamboo.

There are many additional options for sustainable meetings supplies. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your planning team for recommendations. Technology is always advancing, and more sustainable options are coming forward each day. You can rely on your planning team to advise you on the latest industry trends in these areas.

Next Steps

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