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Generate excitement, elevate experiences, and incentivize performance with M&IW’s global gifting opportunities.

Gifting experiences can be added to an existing event or incentive program, or they can be a standalone solution to reward employees or partners, celebrate holidays and milestones, promote your brand, and more.

We take the time to understand the why behind the gift and partner with you to design unique solutions, from onsite marketplaces to digital rewards platforms. With years of experience and extensive industry knowledge and connections, we save you time and money while providing your audience with innovative, one-of-a-kind experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Explore Our Services:

Gift with purpose to create an emotional attachment to your organization.

The right gift is about more than the physical item. It’s about the full experience—the communication, the presentation, the personalization. Most importantly, it’s about representing your organizational culture and values. Our gifting and engagement specialists know how to intentionally execute every detail to encourage deeper connections, inspire innovation, fully engage recipients, and leave a lasting impression.

Our engagement platform offers a suite of products to engage employees, sales producers, customers, and partners.

Scalable and affordable, EPIC can be adapted for organizations of any size and in any industry. From incentive programs to gifting experiences and more, EPIC improves your company’s bottom line by driving performance across the board and creating a positive culture of engagement.

Gift items on a table from a conference event.

Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of finding the perfect gift.

With more than 20 years of experience, our gifting specialists have extensive industry connections, guaranteeing access to thousands of items and experiences for every budget and audience. Plus, with these connections come cost savings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Person using a phone and laptop for gift shopping

Strategic technology usage revolutionizes the gifting experience.

We design, build, and manage the solutions that meet your needs. From point-based reward systems to digital catalogs, our gifting platforms allow recipients to choose gifts that are most meaningful to them while simplifying the redemption and fulfillment process. No matter the objectives of your experience, we help you master your use of technology and maximize its impact on attendees.


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