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| Written by Mary Enke, CIS

In the Buyer’s Eye — Crushing on Canada

This month, I’m taking a break from the usual In the Buyer’s Eye format to rave about one of my favorite countries. Can you guess what it is?

Having worked in incentives for… let’s just say more years than I can believe (in fact, almost all of my adult life other than a 15-year hiatus to be Head of People Operations for my four boys), I’m often asked where is my favorite place to visit. I have a lengthy list of destinations and experiences that are remarkable, but Canada always rises to the top.

I recently had the opportunity to attend Incentive Canada 2022 in Halifax followed by a trip to Prince Edward Island. I will feature these both in more detail in the coming months. For now, I will focus on the amazing country as a whole.

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O Canada

Our northern neighbor truly never ceases to amaze me. Each visit is unique, experiential, and unforgettable—exactly what many of our clients are looking for today for their attendees. Not just a “trip” somewhere, but a lasting impression that leaves attendees with more than memories or souvenirs. It’s about a soulful connection to a destination, an understanding of culture, history, cuisine. As Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Distinctive, immersive experiences highlight Canada’s unique culture from coast to coast to coast. With a country so big (it’s only 10 square kilometers smaller than all of Europe!), there’s so much to enjoy, from pristine natural landscapes to chic cosmopolitan cities, seaside splendor to winter wonderlands, cutting-edge culinary and wine scenes to old-world charm.

Many people think of Canada as a natural wonderland full of amazing outdoor adventures, and while that’s definitely true, there are also many luxurious experiences to be had in both the big cities and out in nature, giving your group the best of both worlds. In fact, I honestly cannot think of anything that this country could not offer. At every time of year, there is always something unique, special, and extraordinary to be found.

The Canadian Experience

So, have I convinced you that Canada is the perfect incentive destination? It has so much to offer (including a great exchange rate) that no matter where you take your group in Canada, rather than a “choice of an activity” on the agenda, you’re able to reward them with a “choice of an encounter.” And with so much to choose from, your group could easily enjoy different experiences in one trip, whether you stay in just one province or travel throughout the country.

If you just can’t decide where to take your group, we’re happy to help! The most popular incentive destinations are Vancouver, Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise, Quebec City, and Montreal, but there are so many lesser-known locations with amazing potential for both a split program or a standalone destination. We can customize an itinerary to fit your needs and deliver the experience of a lifetime that will leave your attendees with a taste for more!

In Conclusion…

Over the years, I’ve traveled Canada from west to east and north to south. There are a few spots still on my bucket list, but everywhere I’ve been, I would return. One of my many favorite memories is from Fogo Island in Newfoundland: The final night of my visit, a small basket was passed around, and we each took a rock that had been collected from the shoreline. In taking it, we had to promise to return it. I have not yet, but I will. I most definitely will.


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Mary Enke, CIS

Sr. Destination & Experience Design Lead

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.

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