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| Written by Marie Johnson, CMP

M&IW Expands Intent Strategy Group (ISG) Consulting to Deliver Integrated M&E Strategy, Technology Stack, and Business Intelligence Solutions

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Contact: Sara O’Neil
Marketing and Public Relations

Leveraging ISG consulting services expedites implementations to fast-track early and strategic wins for clients with strategic guidance, project management, and now business intelligence solutions.

M&IW announced today the expansion of its consulting division, Intent Strategy Group (ISG), to deliver holistic and integrated Meeting & Event (M&E) strategy, technology stacking, and business intelligence solutions. ISG has been focused on solving complex business strategy and technology challenges for customers since 2015. ISG has long provided support of BI initiatives by ensuring proper data organization, capture. and output/integrations. What’s new is the expanded concentration on business intelligence solutioning by connecting the dots between data capture and high-impact Executive Dashboards.

M&E Program Success Redefined

“The disruption and resulting industry transformation of the last eighteen months has piqued the interest of the c-suite around M&E strategy, specifically how an event portfolio is managed, delivered, and measured,” said Lisa Palmeri, VP and ISG Principal Consultant. “This is especially true for marketing organizations whose book of business generally includes the highest visibility, greatest impact events,” Lisa added. With many new content delivery and attendee engagement options, legacy baselines and criteria used to define M&E program success are being redefined. Not only are the data points and measurements changing, but the need for this intelligence to be quickly consumed has led to a norm of highly visualized, dynamic and streamlined Executive Dashboards.

One key reason for the heightened interest in M&E strategy is the myriad of new considerations that determine if and how an event should occur. Gone are the days of “rinse and repeat” planning in which recreating an event based on its past requirements, format, and performance was commonplace. Persistent global travel limitations and to a lesser degree some US travel hesitancy, countered by a wide array of technologies able to reach a larger, more dispersed audience has made virtual attendance more desirable. Balance that with the established benefits of in-person interactions and the idea of repeating a previous year’s event is no longer an automatic decision.

Executive Dashboards Leverage a BI System’s Data Flow

When considering the optimal format to deliver an event, business intelligence around metrics such as pre and post-event website visits, content downloads, digital tradeshow and networking activities, use of chat and discussion boards is vital. Establishing benchmark costs for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events will also lead to more informed decisions. Because this information is coming from multiple sources, leveraging a BI system’s data flow streamlines and adds clarity to the raw data points. “ISG brings Executive Dashboards to a new level by developing a data flow strategy; from a simple, single-source flow to a complex design for more comprehensive use cases like multiple data sources, global or high volume programs, or when multiple planning companies are involved,” said David Sachs, Director of Business Intelligence Consulting.

“Clients who have leveraged ISG consulting services have been able to expedite implementations and fast-track early and strategic wins. By leaning on us for strategic guidance, project management, and now business intelligence solutions, ISG provides a one-stop-shop to help clients navigate simple to highly complex initiatives,” said Lisa.

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