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| Written by Marie Johnson, CMP

Interactive Experiences to Elevate Your Next Event

Digital Interactive Experience Virtual Mosiac

Digital interactive experiences are not new to events, but they are certainly getting more attention in a world of virtual experiences. The best part is that digital interactive experiences are perfectly positioned to elevate your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events because they create excitement, encourage participation, and promote sharing.

Our event strategists had a tall order in designing our first-ever hybrid event and seamlessly blending the audiences using a variety of engagement elements. Whether your attendees are online or in-person, you want to create “peak” moments as well as exclusive elements for both audiences. From a design perspective, it is important to be thoughtful with your design and programming so that interactive elements are aligned with your event goals, enhance your brand, and support your messaging.  

Small Touches, Big Impact…

Virtual Photo Booth is a perfect way to bring the photo booth fun to your online event while having users create branded content to share on social media. The photo booth is super simple and requires only requires a phone or computer. The photo can be posted on social media and after the event, you will receive a Dropbox link with all the images taken.

Online Photo Mosaic is the perfect experience to engage guests, employees, or fans and create a sense of unity and connection by showing them they are part of something bigger than themselves. The purpose of a mosaic is to create one large picture, comprised of a bunch of smaller photos. The large image can be your logo, specific event branding, or a custom image, the choice is yours and participants can see in real-time the final image coming to life!

Over the Top Touches

For our recent event, we hosted a hybrid awards ceremony which created a unique challenge because our winners were both virtual and in-person. In addition to high-production and theming elements at the event, we wanted to create something that would create a lasting impression. As the M&IW Moxie Award winners were being announced, a digital artist created caricatures that were revealed live during the program.

Online Design Caricature Studio is a fun way to enhance your guest’s digital event experience. The service is a virtual artist, who will draw in real-time a caricature of your guests. This whole process is done while the artist is sharing their screen, so the guest can watch as their picture comes to life! Each image can be accompanied by your brand or event logo.

View the caricature in action.

Caricature Interactive Design

About our Partner

For these services, we partnered with OneChance Media and had an opportunity to catch up with Daniel Madwed, Managing Partner to learn more about their services and the future of interactive experiences.

You and your brother started OneChance Media in 2009. Tell us how the idea came to you?

Oddly enough, we wanted a way to save up for a car. Our family was (and still is) in the photography business and a client had asked if we would do instant photo party favors at their event. This was back in our freshman year of high school. After loving the feeling of financial independence, we continued to add more services, expand our clientele, and eventually after college began to focus on activations and corporate events. We’ve now found our niche as being an interactive and digital engagement partner for brands, agencies, non-profits, and universities. 

Prior to the pandemic, were your services all or mostly onsite at events?

Yes, we really focused on digital experiences related to interactive photo booths, video booths, and customization stations, hosted at live events. 

How did you learn about Meetings & Incentives Worldwide?

Before COVID we were incredibly busy doing live promotional and public relations events, so we didn’t have much time to learn about other great partners within the events industry. After COVID, with the pivot to digital, we explored different verticals that would still have to host events and one of those was corporate meetings. We researched different companies who seemed robust, professional, and quickly adapting to the virtual trend and that’s how we discovered Meetings & Incentives Worldwide.

How has COVID changed your business model or strategy in the short-term?

Thankfully, our model has not changed much. Instead, the pandemic gave us an opportunity to expand our client base and service offerings.

What do you see as the future of virtual and hybrid events? 

We see virtual being a great option for information dissemination and education. Hybrid is going to be a great way to expand the audience that can participate in your in-person event. Thus, in order to make these online individuals feel like they’re a part of the event and not just watching a stream, our hybrid engagement services will be important to create the full sense of community for people attending online and in-person (as the hybrid services have both virtual and IRL executions). 

There are a lot of competitors in your space, what makes OneChance Media stand out?

Thankfully we have a lot of stellar points of differentiation. If I had to pick my top three, they would be:

  • Variety of Services. Our team works with you and your event partners to manage and execute all the services we offer. You get a multitude of great interactive experiences and can trust whatever you select will be done perfectly. 
  • Superb Customer Service. Our clients love the white glove treatment we provide to them. This approach carries throughout our relationship from the customizations of a service, rapid response time, and day-of support. 
  • Priced Affordably. When designing an event, we know the budget gets split pretty quickly to cover everything want to accomplish. We have structured our pricing to be in the sweet spot of getting high-quality service, without breaking the bank.