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| Written by Veronica Ferguson

Myth vs. Reality: Event Management

No detail is too big or small for an event management team, and if you find yourself asking, “Does an event manager do this?” the answer is almost always yes. Still, if you’ve never worked with a professional event management company, there can be a lot of uncertainty as to what exactly it entails or whether a dedicated, professional event manager is even necessary.

Luckily, M&IW’s talented Event Experience team is here to help! In the new installment of our Myth vs. Reality series, Ella Darby, Sr. Manager, Event Experience; Niki Kinkelaar, CMP, Sr. Event Experience Manager; and Elizabeth Whittington, Sr. Event Experience Manager, debunk common misconceptions and share the truth about the irreplaceable value of event managers.

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Myth: Hiring an outside event management firm is too expensive.

Reality: Hiring a third-party firm like M&IW is very valuable in the planning process and offers many benefits, including cost savings.

Organizing and managing an event requires a lot of time and effort, and much more is involved than most people think. Choosing a destination and venue; creating and sending the invitations; managing attendee responses; arranging and managing room blocks, travel, and ground transportation; deciding on décor; managing the food and beverage; running the daily program; and so much more is all part of event management. Partnering with a third party like M&IW to organize, manage, and execute your event adds immediate value simply because it frees your time to focus on other responsibilities.

Whether it’s a 30-person meeting or a conference with thousands of attendees, we can turn it into a truly unique, high-level experience while staying within budget. In addition to offering advice on planning decisions and possessing the experience and expertise to manage unforeseen problems, we also help you save money by finding the best ways to allocate your budget while making the most of our relationships with a global network of suppliers, providing you with a high ROI and a five-star event to boot!

Myth: The work is done when the event starts.

Reality: An event manager’s job is only about half done when the event begins.

It’s a great feeling when the planning is done, the attendees have arrived, and the event is about to start. Unfortunately, the reality is that the work is just beginning. Event managers continue working nonstop during the event to keep everything running smoothly. No event goes exactly as planned, no matter how much you prepare, so they need to be ready to pivot and adjust to meet the needs of attendees and clients alike.

The work isn’t even over once the last attendee leaves. Then, it’s time to reconcile all budgets, send and analyze the post-event survey, and meet with the client and planning team to review what was successful and where there was room for improvement.

Myth: Advances in technology will remove the need for event managers.

Reality: Technology can support event management but never fully replace it.

Advances in technology are already helping event managers in the creation and execution of events, but technology is just one tool in the toolbox—it is certainly not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge, and skills of an event manager. Event managers can multi-task and rely on their many skills to respond to client needs, manage attendees’ requirements, handle complex issues, and find solutions for every situation. No technology would be able to replace these skills or the care and attention to detail that event managers bring to everything they do.


Ella Darby

Sr. Manager, Event Experience

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.

Headshot of Niki Kinkelaar, CMP

Niki Kinkelaar, CMP

Sr. Event Experience Manager

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.

Headshot of Elizabeth Whittington

Elizabeth Whittington

Sr. Event Experience Manager

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.

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