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4 Steps to Obtaining Work-Life Balance

Obtaining work-life balance is a concept that everyone aspires to achieve. Although the process of obtaining work-life balance can be in one’s grasp, it can be hard to acquire; especially when the lines are blurred. M&IW prides itself on having a strong corporate culture and sense of community. Over the years, we have also cultivated an expansive “virtual culture” that supports work-life balance and encourages our team members to be their best.

This has become even more critical during the pandemic so we launched a Corporate Wellness Program understanding the virtual/work from home may be around for a while. We agreed on the following mission: create resources and virtual wellness challenges for participating employees, motivating them to lead an improved life. To assist employees with developing new habits across the entire spectrum of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, occupational, and social.  All driven by purpose. Read More >

How Event Industry Professionals Can Find Balance

Event industry professionals are determined to excel in their work and excel at home. However, at times, the imbalance creates frustration in their lives. But there is a better way! You can adjust your expectations and eliminate the frustration of imbalance? Check out these four steps that I’ve created to help:


The first step is to recall your current situation. It is always best to take an actual account of your situation and what is providing you with the frustration that you are experiencing. What is preventing you from the balance that you require? Take a written account of everything that you are involved in or have on your plate in both your work and in your personal life.


As you are taking an account of your situation and where you are spending your energy, you must re-evaluate your plate. Ask yourself key questions. Identify why you have this item on your plate and why is it important to you. Asking questions will allow you to be able to quickly identify items that shouldn’t be on your list or items that are preventing you from obtaining balance.


The next step that should be taken is to reset your expectations. Identify your goals and aspirations in your work and your personal life. Are the items on your plate fitting with what these goals and aspirations? If they aren’t, then, unfortunately, they would need to be placed to the side until you have time to designate to them. Many people wonder what to do with the items that they have placed to the side. It helps to delegate them, or just simply say no to those items that you are being asked to do. Sometimes taking things off your plate can be tough, but it is a necessary step to obtain balance in your career and life.


After you have done every step; recalling your situation, re-evaluating what’s on your plate, and resetting your expectations, you will need to reactivate your plan. This means putting your written plan to action. Items that you need to put to the side, should have a plan on how you will delegate or move the responsibility of them. Items that you need to say no to, need a plan on how you will say no. Items that you need to take responsibility for, you will need a plan on how you will start to obtain responsibility. The keyword is “plan”. Have a plan and make it actionable.


Making the steps toward balance can at first seem like an overwhelming experience, however, it can take so much of the burden off of you when done correctly. As event industry professionals, the concept of having it call can be an illusion, but we can create a life for ourselves where we can be content and joyful in the work and life that we do lead with following these simple steps.

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Naomi Tucker, CMP, HMCC, Customer Success Director

Naomi Tucker, CMP, HMCC is one of the most dedicated professionals within the meetings and event industry. Her list of accomplishments, customer awards, and awards spans more than 25 years.

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