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| Written by Veronica Ferguson

Score Big with Corporate Sports Hospitality

Turn your MVPs into VIPs with sports hospitality. One of today’s top trends in corporate events, sports hospitality elevates the average experience of attending a sporting event. Picture the best seats in the house with private catering, luxury accommodations, exclusive events before or after the big game, and concierge service throughout. Don’t forget the door-to-door transportation so attendees avoid the hassle of parking!

Whether your attendees are employees, customers, or sales partners, whether they’re sports fans or not, the exclusivity and uniqueness of sports hospitality will make them feel valued and keep them talking about their experience long after it ends.

The M&IW team attends a Milwaukee Brewer vs. Chicago Cubs game.

Why Sports Hospitality Works

Sports hospitality is a popular choice for incentive programs or group outings because it builds off the natural excitement of the day. This is especially true for games or events that only happen once a year, like the Kentucky Derby or a league championship, or even every four years, like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup. The energy of the event will automatically make attendees more engaged. Combine that with the excitement that comes from receiving VIP treatment, and you have a home run on your hands.

Another reason for the rising popularity is that there are multiple opportunities throughout the year as well as multiple destinations to choose from thanks to the variety of sporting events. For example, you can catch a March Madness game in the spring, hit the links at the US Open in the summer, take attendees out to the World Series in the fall, or score big at the Super Bowl in the winter. The opportunities expand even further if you’re open to international destinations.

Ways to Take Sports Hospitality to the Next Level

Beyond going global, there are other ways to help you ace your corporate event before, during, and after the game.

Game Day Upgrades

Start off on the right foot with a private entrance and security process to avoid the lines. You can also skip the snack stands as you bring your attendees to their suite or box where they’ll find private catering and an open bar. Continue the VIP treatment and add an element of surprise with gifts ready to greet guests on every seat.

Extending the Experience

Your attendees’ extraordinary experience should extend before and after the main sporting event. Ensure they arrive in style with luxury transportation to and from the airport, their five-star hotel, and the venue. If possible, organize a private tour of the venue for a unique perspective most people don’t get to see. Let guests test their skills with private lessons as well. Ideally, this would take place at the same venue, but that may not be possible depending on the scope of the event. If your attendees would rather watch than play, you can still elevate their experience by booking an appearance with a famous athlete in the sport.

An onsite gifting shop—or pro shop, if you will—is the perfect way to give attendees something to bring home and remember their adventure by. Ideas for gifts include team jerseys (extra points if they’re personalized or signed), sunglasses, hats, and customizable sneakers. If you offer this gifting experience before the big game, guests can wear the items and show their spirit the day of the event.

Next Steps

If planning an employee or corporate sports hospitality event at this level sounds daunting, don’t stress; M&IW’s event management experts are in your corner. From full-service planning to a la carte services—including air travel, onsite staffing, registration, and ground transportation—we’re here to ensure you and your attendees enjoy the experience while we take care of the details.

Contact us to learn more or get started. Already an M&IW customer? Contact your Customer Success Manager.