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| Written by Veronica Ferguson

[ON-DEMAND] Energize Your Engagement Strategy | Session 2: Staying Engaged

No commitment issues here… It’s time to stay engaged!  

As we learned in Session 1 of Energize Your Engagement Strategy: Getting Engaged (It’s Complicated), a lack of engagement may not only cost you financially but can also cause you heartache. Being connected to your employees and customers is more than transactional; it’s key to turning the Great Resignation into the Great Retention.  

Now that we covered the basics of getting engaged—including introducing you to EPIC, our new one-stop, multi-dimensional platform that streamlines incentive and engagement programs—it’s time to dive deeper into the strategies that will help your organization stay engaged. 

Session 2: Staying Engaged (In It for the Long Haul)

Don’t be afraid to commit—make 2022 the year you get engaged! In Session 2 of our two-part virtual series, you will… 

  • Explore real-world examples of how EPIC has been used for various engagement programs targeting employees and customers alike.
  • Hear from M&IW’s experts and key clients as they break down past challenges and share success stories.
  • Understand the importance of engagement during employee onboarding and gain practicable insights for immediate implementation.
  • Learn how to turn mid-level performers into top-performing superstars to boost your company’s bottom line.

Missed Session 1: Getting Engaged (It’s Complicated)?

Catch up now and learn how to…

  • Design a successful engagement strategy by rethinking, modernizing, and flexing into the future
  • Build global, tailor-made programs for branded sales incentives and employee recognition
  • Turn mid-level performers into top-level achievers to boost your company’s bottom line
  • Use holistic strategies and new technology solutions to amplify brands, bridge gaps
  • Empower your organization to become a world-class leader in employee engagement

Getting Started

Don’t delay! Connect with our team of professionals to develop an engagement strategy for your organization. We’ll work with you to design a tailored program that meets your objectives and budget. M&IW’s engagement platform, EPIC powered by Motisha, offers a suite of products to engage employees, sales producers, customers, and partners, providing the tools you need to inspire and transform workplace culture. EPIC allows your team to design an ongoing sales incentive program, a customer loyalty program, or an employee recognition and engagement program.

Contact us, if you’d like to talk with one of our Engagement Group specialists or set up a demo of the platform.

Note: The EPIC Platform overview will download directly to your computer.

EPIC Engagement Platform