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| Written by Marie Johnson, CMP

[ON-DEMAND] M&IW (Hybrid) Forum Post-Con Webinar

Our goal with our first-ever hybrid event, M&IW Events Reimagined Forum, was to showcase innovative ideas, engagement strategies, event design elements, and best practices so that you could see what’s possible with your hybrid audiences, whether they’re participating in-person or virtually.

As we reimagine events of the future – we believe virtual and hybrid experiences will continue to play a role in an organization’s overall event strategy. We also know that while hybrid events offer increased benefits and additional reach, they are more complex and require more thoughtful planning. 

We started with a vision to reimagine events and better understand the role hybrid experiences can play now and in the future. We also knew it would be a tremendous learning opportunity for both our organization and yours. Listen in on the thoughtful conversation as our panelists, Tina Madden, Nicole Raudabaugh, and Dave Stamm, discuss the strategy and considerations behind our first-ever hybrid event. They’ll also reveal their insights on what you need to know before you plan a hybrid event.

Stayed tuned until the end when their fielded the audiences most pressing questions; like how do you begin to budget for a hybrid event.

During this on-demand webinar you will: 

  • Hear about the strategy and considerations that came into play in hosting our first-ever client hybrid event
  • Learn about “gotcha” moments that took our team by surprise and how they would address them in the future
  • Discover what you need from your production partners, technical requirements, roles and staffing