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| Written by Veronica Ferguson

Five Benefits of Working with a DMC

Central to the events industry, destination management companies (DMCs) are strategic third-party partners with expert knowledge of a specific destination. They are invaluable resources for planners, providing support for events of all types and sizes throughout the event lifecycle. Services include contracting and managing logistics for local vendors and suppliers such as transportation, tours and activities, offsite venues, décor, and entertainment.

Top Reasons to Partner with a DMC

Now that you know what they are, let’s explore why you should use them. Here are five benefits to working with a DMC.

1. Local Expertise

The number one reason to work with a DMC may seem obvious, but its importance can’t be overstated: local expertise. DMC staff know their destination inside and out and can recommend the best things to do and places to go, whether off the beaten path or on the main drag. Their local knowledge means they can suggest unique ideas that you may not have thought of or even been aware of. (Not everything can be found on Google!) They can also provide local support staff so their expertise is available onsite whenever you need it.

Their knowledge isn’t limited to where to go—it also extends to when. Whether you’re looking to avoid the crowds or want the best weather possible, DMCs can recommend the best time to visit to make your event a success.

2. Time Savings

Working with a DMC keeps planning streamlined and more organized because you’re only working directly with one partner, saving you time on research, planning, and logistics.

While you can scour the Internet and do your own research, by the time you find a potential supplier and reach out for more information, a DMC could already have a contract for you to review. Once the local suppliers are selected, the DMC handles the logistics, saving you the time of multiple meetings and back-and-forth emails and phone calls. (That’s not to say you won’t have meetings and emails and calls—they’ll just be with one contact instead of multiple.)

Even after the event, financial reconciliation is faster and easier because you only have to pay the DMC instead of each individual supplier.

3. Quality Assurance

Without a personal relationship, it can be hard to vet potential suppliers online. Luckily, DMCs have done the work for you! Their years of experience combined with their local knowledge means they’ve cultivated a trusted, high-quality network of suppliers. They not only know who’s the best in the business but also who will add value to your event specifically based on your program’s size and objectives.

You can also rest easy knowing your DMC will have your back in an emergency. While it’s best practice to always have your own emergency preparedness plan, a DMC can help you add destination-specific contingencies and provide local staff to help should any issues arise.

4. Cost Savings

Just as a DMC’s relationships with local suppliers lead to quality assurance, they may also lead to cost savings. Some DMCs may receive preferred pricing that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you, and they have the time and experience to save you money while still delivering on the attendee experience. For example, you may have heard of the most popular restaurant in town, but the DMC staff knows that the locally-owned family restaurant actually serves the best food at a fraction of the price. They also know the standard pricing for the area to help you avoid scams or unnecessary add-ons.

While DMCs have their own fees, all event planners know that time is money. Even without factoring in additional cost savings, the extra time that they save you is well worth the investment.

5. Marketing Collateral

Not every event requires marketing collateral, but you can’t underestimate its importance for those that do. After all, the best way to garner interest in the destination is to show it off! DMCs can provide photos, videos, and even testimonials for specific locations, activities, or the destination as a whole, all of which will make your marketing campaign that much stronger… and your attendance numbers that much higher!

Finding the Right DMC Partner

Just as DMCs vet local suppliers, M&IW vets DMCs. We have an extensive list of preferred partners from around the world, and we ensure they provide the same high level of service that is expected from us. In addition to recommending the best fit, we can also serve as the primary contact and help bridge the gap between you and the DMC, making them a seamless part of the planning process.

What’s Next?

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