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| Written by Sara O'Neil

Hybrid Event Planning: 5 Ways to Create an Amazing Dual Experience

It is time to REIMAGINE how we plan, produce, and execute meetings and events. Our goal as event planners and industry consultants is to provide new and improved best practices that stretch beyond enhanced SOPs, checklists, and templates to deliver a comprehensive, consultative experience to event stakeholders.

With the rise of hybrid events, event managers must strategize, design, plan, and anticipate needs differently.

Meeting managers will consider strategy, design and planning well before sourcing is complete. New critical conversations must go beyond tactical facts and figures to ask the new and important essential questions.

When it comes to hybrid event management and reimaging how planners approach event management design becomes the backbone of the attendee journey and a critical step in the planning.

The Rebirth of Event Management

It will force event managers, stakeholders, and marketing executives to look at events more strategically. This shift is what the industry has been driving toward; 2020 simply accelerated the innovation.

Hybrid events are a catalyst for how events and event management climb the value scale – supplying more strategic, analytical, and dynamic results that will continue to drive business and purpose forward.

5 Ways to Create a Dual Experience

M&IW’s Hybrid Event Quick Start Guide highlights the top considerations and best practices in a variety of areas including stakeholder priorities, finance, event design, sourcing, communication, and planning.

File can be found in your Downloads folder

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