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| Written by Missy Peterson

Hybrid Event Planning Doesn’t Have to Be so Scary

Hybrid Event Planning Stage

Ever try to do two tasks at the same time? This is how most meeting planning professionals are feeling about hybrid event planning. And, you may be asking yourself the same question, “how can I possibly plan two meetings at once?”

What we are finding in the buildup of hybrid event popularity is that it really isn’t that much different than what you had been managing with in-person events. Think about the event logistics you were planning prior to the pandemic: F&B, transportation, managing housing, and agenda changes all at once. It was a juggling act back then to roll with all the punches, and hybrid events don’t change that dynamic. So, take a deep breath and realize you already have all the skills to manage it all.

Tips to Successfully Manage a Hybrid Event

The success of your hybrid event will come from pre-planning and mapping your attendee tracks on the agenda. Here are a few tips on how to set up your hybrid events for success:

Identify Attendee Tracks

  • In-person
  • Remote
  • Combined

Stop and Think

  • What audience does this session serve?
  • Think critically and thoughtfully about the content
  • Be aware of your remote attendees’ time zone – decide on content delivery based on that

Consider the Visuals

  • What is on the stage?
  • What is on the screen?
  • What else is needed from a graphics perspective?

Event Technology for Multiple Audiences

As travel restrictions are still very real, a priority to focus on remote attendees continues. A hybrid event is not just a live stream, the differentiator is the attendee engagement. Find ways to bring value to their attendance. One way to accomplish this is by using a digital venue that can double as your mobile app for your in-person audience. This allows both audiences to be on the same technology; notifications, agenda updates, and session viewing in-real-time. The great news is that as we transition from virtual-only to hybrid environments, attendees are familiar with the platforms and how to navigate the technology.

Lean on your Team for a Seamless Experience

Yes, it is true, you can’t be in two places at once, but with the right staffing, hybrid events can create a seamless experience. A hybrid event is defined as multiple audiences: one experience. Remember to lean on your team to help execute a successful hybrid event. Your key support team members will be your event planning team, AV/production, technology platform developers, digital producers, tech support team, and on-site staffing. When hybrid event planning and logistics seem overwhelming, focus your attention on the attendees and the experience you want to create for them.

Interested in Working with M&IW?

Our M&IW team is dedicated to bringing you the best practices and protocols for your hybrid events. Last year, we delivered cutting-edge virtual event management solutions and produced thousands of virtual events for our clients. This year, we continue to respond to our changing environment and client needs by turning our attention to the design, planning, and production of seamless hybrid experiences. Interested in learning more or working with our M&IW team, Contact Us.