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| Written by Sara O'Neil

Marketing a Sales Incentive: The Missing Link

When planning a sales incentive or recognition program, most of the attention is on the reward. While the reward is certainly important, many planners underestimate the importance of program marketing and promotion. Marketing is often the missing link between a successful incentive and recognition program and one that is… just okay.

The biggest mistake sales leaders make is to assume that the reward on its own is enough to motivate participants. In reality, an effective marketing strategy is needed to not only motivate individuals but also keep them actively invested and engaged throughout the duration of the contest period.

In our new guidebook, we share everything you need to know about incentive marketing, including the following:

  • How do you create an effective incentive marketing strategy?
  • How do you execute said strategy?
  • How does marketing affect the overall ROI of the program?
  • Why should you care?

(We’ll answer the last question now: If you care about your return on investment, you should care about marketing because they are directly linked. Download the guidebook to find out how!)

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