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| Written by the M&IW Team

[ON-DEMAND] An Incentive and Recognition Tell-All Interview

M&IW’s newest edition to the Incentive and Recognition Team, Sandy Fenili, CIS, worked for a major Fortune 50 corporation that ran extremely successful, multi-award incentive and recognition programs. Sandy was instrumental in optimizing corporate incentive and recognition programs during the last market downturn in 2008. This exclusive “tell-all” interview unlocks the secrets of how to optimize your incentive and recognition programs during a time when a current pandemic offers many economic and travel challenges.

During this on-demand webinar you will: 

  • Discover how to utilize incentive and recognition programs to keep teams engaged during challenging times.
  • Learn tips and tricks to optimize spend and processes.
  • Uncover how to frame your program’s value, avoid budget cuts, and grab your executives’ attention.