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| Written by the M&IW Team

[ON-DEMAND] What? Now I Need a Strategy for M&E Technology?

Gone are the days of trying to fit a myriad of technical requirements into just one meeting and event (M&E) technology platform. With the advent of open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with collaboration and business intelligence tools, today’s M&E technology objectives can be achieved with an ecosystem of integrated products known as a stack.

Creating and implementing an M&E technology stack can oftentimes add new complexities that require a more strategic and holistic approach to its design and implementation. During this On-Demand Industry Insights Webinar, What? Now I Need a Strategy for Meeting & Event Technology?, Lisa Palmeri, Vice President, Principal Consultant, ISG, and Missy Peterson, Sr. Director, Global Operations, have provided an overview of the elements and considerations when building an effective M&E technology strategy.

Core Concepts:   

  1. Why a Meeting & Event (M&E) technology strategy and common components​
  2. Recognizing the difference between platform and point solutions​
  3. Considerations for designing an M&E tech stack​
  4. Understanding strategy best practices​