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| Written by the M&IW Team

COVID Event Safety: What Meeting Professionals Need to Know

At M&IW, when it comes to event safety, we share the philosophy that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For years, we’ve helped our clients develop and execute emergency preparedness and risk plans for their meetings and events. Our detailed plans include everything from personal health incidences, food poisoning, weather circumstances, civil disturbances, and even pandemics; however, we could not have predicted the significant impact of COVID-19 on our industry. 

What Event Safety Means During a Pandemic

We created a partnership with InHouse Physicians to provide On-site Medical Support and COVID testing for our clients’ programs. As health experts in this space, they understand Duty of Care, Business Continuity, Health and Wellness, and even Engagement and Meeting Performance. 

The security, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers, and attendees have always been first and foremost — it is more important than ever that we are prepared in prevention, communication, and response.

An Early Review of COVID and its impact on our Industry

Understanding that early on we had many more questions about COVID than we had answers, we turned to our partner Dr. Jonathan Spero, CEO of IHP for more insight.

IHP and M&IW Partnership

For a closer look at the IHP and M&IW partnership and the development of the IHP Health Assessment Tool as well as how it works, watch the one-on-one interview with Tina Madden, Co-CEO and Chief Customer Officer at M&IW, and Dr. Jonathan Spero, CEO of InHouse Physicians (IHP).

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